Bill Hazen Productions creates, produces and distributes daily and weekly syndicated sports programming airing through a growing network of over forty radio stations. It is our pleasure to introduce this portfolio...

Today in Conference USA: This program is the flagship two-minute daily radio sports report of the conference. The only daily conference report in radio syndication, Today in Conference USA is produced and distributed Monday-through-Friday and features crisp writing with extensive use of actuality material. The program is in its third year of production and can currently be heard in twenty markets, including Dallas/Ft. Worth, New Orleans, Orlando, Tulsa and El Paso among others. Today in Conference USA features ninety seconds of content with a thirty-second commercial position inside.

Talking Conference USA Football and Basketball: This program provides weekly in-depth coverage during the C-USA football and basketball seasons. The presentation includes an in-depth sportscast, the highly-acclaimed Conference USA by the Numbers segment (which highlights conference achievements in a totally unique way) and a weekly newsmaker interview. The sportscast is fast paced, utilizing crisp writing with extensive use of sound. Interview segments are recorded using wideband digital audio to assure “local quality interviews” over distance. Talking Conference USA Football and Basketball is in its third year of production and can be heard in fourteen markets, including Tulsa, El Paso, Huntington, West Virginia and Hattiesburg, Mississippi among others. The program features eleven minutes of content with two network commercial positions inside.

College Sports Weekly: The newest member of the BHP broadcast portfolio, this program provides unique in-depth national coverage of college sports each week. College Sports Weekly has its roots in the highly-successful Talking College Baseball series which aired nationally last Spring. Our affiliates suggested the concept would be more compelling if the scope of the program was expanded to cover the full spectrum of collegiate sports on a 52-week basis. CSW is the result of that feedback. The presentation includes a fast-paced, in-depth sportscast, with crisp reporting of important stories featuring the voices and play-by-play descriptions of those making sports news. The top story is covered each week with an in-depth newsmaker interview. A unique segment looks behind the sports landscape through the eyes of veteran broadcast and sports executive Rex Lardner. The former head of CBS Sports and Turner Sports (as well as a former conference executive), Rex is uniquely qualified to share his insight on college athletics and the institutions that cover it. Another unique segment focuses on small college sports, with beat coverage from award-winning sports broadcaster Gene Delisio. And College Sports Weekly re-connects sports fans with the heroes of the past in the segment, Where Are They Now? Interview segments are recorded using wideband digital audio to assure “local quality” over distance and reduce listener fatigue. Although just launched, the program already has affiliates in Memphis, Louisville, Lubbock, Texas,  Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Huntington, Morgantown and Clarksburg, West Virginia. The program features forty minutes of content with nine minutes of network advertising inside. Syndication of CSW begins on the weekend of October 26th.