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This hour-long weekly program is the latest addition to the BHP portfolio. StadiumsUSA Radio draws inspiration from the popular web site. The program is unique both in content and scope, exploring the world of athletic facilities and news related to their construction, management and design. Listeners meet athletes, coaches and administrators whose careers have been shaped within these magnificent gathering places.

StadiumsUSA Radio follows the same successful format and concept used in the popular College Sports Weekly program (also produced by BHP). StadiumsUSA Radio airs in seven segments, beginning with a sportscast covering news in the industry. This opening report sets the pace and features a heavy use of sound bytes. It also previews upcoming significant stories.

Each week StadiumsUSA Radio will go in-depth on a major story within the industry. Program host and creator Bill Hazen interviews athletic officials, management, architects and celebrities making news. Each program showcases one of the nation's great athletic facilities, and listeners learn what makes each one special and unique. StadiumsUSA Radio also goes back in time regularly to explore vintage stadiums and their contribution to sports and the community.

The team of producers and contributors responsible for the success of College Sports Weekly remains largely intact for StadiumsUSA Radio. Keith Hoehne serves as Executive Producer for the series and directly oversees program production. He also provides a vital contributions in the areas of segment production and development. He is heard directly on interview segments and serves in a contributing on-air capacity.

Samuel “Bo” Carter continues as the Coordinating Producer. Carter, who served as Sports Information Director for both the Southwest Conference and the Big 12, is universally respected for his media savvy in athletic circles.

StadiumsUSA president Mark Madorin provides weekly analysis of the industry in a program segment entitled Talking Shop. Mark's insights take listeners inside the decisions and trends driving facilities design, construction, renovation, maintenance and finance. As a former college coach, Mark also shares his unique insight on facilities from the field level.

StadiumsUSA Radio also offers specific weekly coverage of smaller stadiums and facilities, many of which rank among the most beautiful and fan-friendly in the country. This segment focuses on minor league stadiums and arenas, as well as smaller college facilities. The beat is covered by popular news and sports broadcaster Dean Jackson of WOWO Radio in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.